Global Filipino Network (GFN) is a San Francisco-based non-profit media organization registered as a Public Benefit corporation in the State of California whose purpose is to create a venue or platform where Filipinos all over the world can connect, collaborate, communicate, be informed,and be educated.

We do this by creating using cutting edge technology in the media and by creating a state of the art information portal that contains data bases of Filipino communities world wide.   This is the source where Filipinos young and old will go to for information about  anything  Filipino and the Philippines.  We make it interactive so that communites can communicate and collaborate.

We educate and outreach via speaker series, mentoring, online courses, meet groups, and annual events.

Who We Are

Collaboration is our Strength. We are Stronger Together.

Focus Areas

The learning events that we create through the various programs are catered to meet the needs of these sectors of the Filipino community.

entrepreneurs The growth of the internet has given rise to a number of startups especially in the areas of technology. GFN’s role is to serve as the conduit between the entrepreneurs, the investors, mentors, and other organizations that help accelerate the development of these entrepreneurs.
professionalsConnecting the professionals and offering them the opportunity to grow, learn, and share their knowledge and experience. We believe in the power of networking and this is what sparks continuous personal and career development.
artistsOne of the best talents Filipinos are known for all over the world is in the field of creative and arts. GFN provides the collaborative experience between artists so they can inspire the younger generation in fulfilling their creative passions.