Our Programs

We specialize in organizing events in collaboration with other partner organizations to provide learning for entrepreneurs, business professionals, artists, and the youth. In addition, through our collaboration with various service providers, we  offer media services that support non-profit and affinity organizations whose mission is also providing learning and connectivity.

Collaborative Events For Continuous Learning

We organize various types of  events to educate.

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Speaker Series

A series of in-person presentation by local or national guest speakers who share expertise and insights on topics that educate and inspire people to take action.

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An open forum which tackles issues that impact the community such as immigration, health, college preparation.

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GFN circles are a small group of individuals who meet on  a regular basis to share their knowledge, help, and provide support to each other.

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Annual SangDiwa

A yearly weekend-event which brings together all the community sectors in a 2-day schedule consisting of exhibits, performances, talks, and food.

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Musika @ Iba Pa

<<Coming soon mid-2016>>

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<<Coming soon mid-2016>>

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Let Us Work Together.

We believe that success doesn’t come easy. In order for us to achieve our mission to unite the community through education, we need everyone’s help. That is why Collaboration is key. If you have the passion, time, and talent to share, please let us know. We’d like to have you part of the team.

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